Everything Is Bigger In T1D Texas This Weekend

Everything Is Bigger In T1D Texas This Weekend

This weekend, San Antonio and Austin host their Type One Nation Summits and our team will be supporting the community and talking tech at both events.

Here at Better Living Technologies, we are so excited to be involved with both of the JDRF Type One Nation events that are coming up SOON! We are committed to supporting the Type One Diabetes community in a variety of ways and we can’t do that without collaborating with and being a part of JDRF. The Type One Nation events that are put on all over the country are a perfect time to bring the community together, improve your day-to-day care and get updates on the new advances being made in the field.

Our Better Living Technologies team will be at both events volunteering, speaking and we’ll have a table for show and tell with our products and to get your feedback. We’ll have great prizes and games so please come by and bring the kids!

First, we have the San Antonio Type One Nation. This event is focused around connecting with the community, collaborating on management practices and getting a technology update from companies leading the charge into the future of diabetes care. This event is FREE so if you are nearby or even want to make the drive down it is going to be educational and inspiring.

Where: Hyatt Regency HIll Country Resort, 9800 Hyatt Resort Drive, San Antonio, TX
When: Saturday March 30th from 8:30am3:30pm
Who we are excited to see: Sean Busby (professional snowboarder), Lauren Bongiorno (Health Coach and Author)

Next, we have the Austin Type One Nation. This event is more focused on newly diagnosed families, research and technology. This event is going to be perfect for you if you have a child with Type One Diabetes and are looking for an impactful day.

Where: Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas, 4900 Mueller Blvd, Austin, TX
When: Sunday March 29th from 9am – 3:30pm
Who we are excited to see: ALL our local favorite T1D rockstars families! Our Better LIving Technologies Founder, Mike Maniscalco, is moderating the panel for newly diagnosed families AND Sean Busby (can’t have too much of him)

We also want to get the word out about a T1D Meet Up that is happening in San Antonio on Friday, March 29th from 7-9 pm. This is the night BEFORE the Type One Nation Event. San Antonio native and diabetes inspiration, Marie Diaz, is getting together with Lauren Bongiorno to create a relaxed event for people to just get together. It is on the upstairs section at Blue Box Bar, located at 312 Pearl Parkway, San Antonio. This is going to be a fun way to gather, commune and be surrounded by T1D’s. There is a good group of Austin folks going down for this also so there will be plenty to chances to make connections!

So many amazing events, activities, and technology advancements are happening and we want you all to know about them! The Better Living Technologies team will be at all three events and would love to talk to you all!

Hope to see you soon,


PS – There’s another T1D event happening in Texas this same weekend! The JDRF young adult conference is happening in Dallas.

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