Easing the work and worry of managing Type 1 Diabetes

Welcome to Better Living Technologies

We reduce anxiety and burden around caring for type 1 diabetes by making blood sugar information accessible and insightful. We accomplish this by presenting continuous glucose monitor data into your daily life, making it glanceable and easy to access.

Why Us?#WeAreNotWaiting

We’re a team who lives with, and are passionate about type 1 diabetes. We are giving families access to altering and monitoring technologies that ease the anxieties surrounding managing diabetes. We are were inspired by the #WeAreNotWaiting and DIY communities and want to accelerate innovation and access of similar solutions. We are researching and applying technology to improve the lives of families in the T1D community.

What we offer today

We believe diabetes data should be as accessible, actionable, and insightful as stock or weather information. Our smart home expertise brings a vision of more interfaces and sensors than ever to interact with people in their everyday life with the right information at the times that they need it most.

Smart Diabetes Lights and Colors

We provide access to diabetes blood sugar data in unique and visual ways. Our Diabetes Color Shifting Lights change colors with your blood sugars and our Diabetes alert lights turns on when blood sugar goes above or below specified thresholds.

Share With Your Network

Engage more of your caregiver and support networks, such as teachers, nannies, babysitters, roommates, and grandparents with less intimidating views into CGM data.

Our vision for tomorrow

At Work

For parents and people with Diabetes, it is challenging managing T1D without worry and productivity loss. What if your data was more glancable and ever-present?

On The Go

Managing T1D is 24/7/365 and whether you're on the run, at school or enjoying time with your friends we want to make sure your blood sugar information is there when you need it.

At Home

Using things like lights and Alexa we want to bring better access to your blood sugar information.

Our Mission

We believe diabetes data should be as accessible, actionable and insightful at stock or weather information. Given our experience in the smart home we see more interfaces and sensors that ever to interact with people in their everyday life with the right information at the times that they need it most.

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