We're a team of people living with and passionate about developing new ways to visualize your diabetes to reduce stress and anxiety.

 We believe that your diabetes data should be as accessible and insightful as stock and weather information and that there are more convenient places to see that data in our everyday lives.

Our Founder

Michael Maniscalco is a T1D dad, who was thrown into the world of playing the role of his 18-month-old son’s pancreas in 2016. Quickly he realized that the amount of care, attention, sleepless nights and constant worries about his son’s blood sugar was causing extraordinary stress. This is where his smart home, IoT and technology background came into play and he was able to create a “security system” around his son’s blood sugar numbers, providing alerts that will literally bring to light moments where attention is needed. T1D requires constant time & attention. Doctors give guidance on insulin & diet but often the responsibility of life-saving treatments falls on patients, parents & caregivers. The management routine is dynamic and this is where improvements can be made through innovation and social impact entrepreneurship.

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