How Do I Sign Up?

Just go to betterlivingtech.net/shop and order the light and service directly from our website. It takes just a couple of minutes!

If I have a Dexcom, can I use your product?

Yes, we currently integrate with a Dexcom CGM. You must have a Dexcom CGM that is connected to a smart phone and share enabled. But don’t worry, our integration doesn’t take up one of your share users.

Why does Better Living Technologies Charge A Subscription Fee

Better Living Technologies depends on a subscription model to operate and support its cloud services and maintain its staff – similar to a service like alarm.com or Netflix. The subscription payments help us provide the following:

• We maintain a 24/7/365 service and servers that make the connections between the CGM and our system, determines alerts and changes and communicates those changes to the lights and future interfaces. We also support and maintain these systems with 99.99% uptime.
• We support our product and service when customers have problems or questions.
• We also keep historical logs which require storage.
• We generate educational content and provide that as a value add to our community.
• Our team spends each day following technology, thinking about and developing new solutions to help people better manage T1D.
• Most importantly, we believe in continued investment in the development and innovation of new technology for the good of the T1D community. We also want to be here for the long haul to service the community. Having a healthy and sustainable business model help ensure we can live up to our mission.

Finally, we also like to let new clients know that we are a mission-driven Public Benefit Corporation – so if the cost is an issue for any of our patients, families or their friends, we offer special accommodations upon request.

How long would it take before I get my mood light?

It usually takes about a week for the light to ship and arrive.

I am not very tech savvy, will this be a problem?

No! We’re here to support you through the entire setup process. There is a step by step guide that walks you through a simple app to connect your smart light to our system.

What is a Public Benefits Corp and why did you choose that business route?

We believe in social impact entrepreneurship and conscious capitalism. We are also members of the T1D community and want to give back and support others. Public-benefit corporations are a specific type of corporation that allow for public benefit to be a charter purpose in addition to the traditional corporate goal of maximizing profit for shareholders. This corporate structure best aligns with our goals of starting the business and making an impact on our customers and community.

What other technology, interface options do you have?

We are excited to expand beyond lights into other every-day interfaces that can help bring more ever-present data to your life that allows you to get access at a glance. We believe having easily accessible blood sugar will help reduce the burden of the management.
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