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We are a team of people who live with and are passionate about diabetes. We are looking for families and people with diabetes to help us pioneer new ways to interact with your data through late stage testing, feedback and new product development.

Better Living Light & Starter Kit

Better Living starter kit includes initial setup, configuration and smart lights. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on our service and product. The lights are WiFi based, so you can use them remotely and they do not need to be "in-range" of your CGM. You must also purchase one annual family subscription with your light.

Family Subscription

To maintain our service, connections, data and support, Better Living Technologies services are priced with an monthly family subscription. We are currently running a paid early access program for customer feedback. And don't worry - we offer a 30-day money back guarantee on the service!

Mood Light - Tall Feature

Changes color with your blood sugar movement - green when you are in-range, red, yellow, orange as you move lower or higher.

Alert Light - Round Feature

Looking for a secondary alert when blood sugars are outside of your preferred range? Our alert lights turn on to visually notify you!

Here are some places where people tend to use the alert light:

Parent's Bedroom

Living Room

Child's Room

Dorm Room

School Nurse's


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