Better Living Technologies strives toward improving monitoring & data analytics platforms which allows for better insights into health trends & data. We provide and are improving this platform that helps bring disease data around type one diabetes to the forefront of a patient’s everyday routine to ease the burden of managing the disease, provide peace of mind and minimize health risks. We accomplish this through the following and have a goal of always developing and perfecting:

  • As an independent party we aggregate data across medical devices, health/fitness trackers, diet & other sensors to get better insight into patient health. This allows for personal data analytics, suggestions and insights as well as data portability if a patient changes devices.
  • Provide access to disease and health data on a variety of convenient interfaces (laptop, wearable, voice, smart home) to assist in decision making, decrease anxiety & avoid burnout
  • Critical alerting mechanisms – uses these interfaces to escalate alerts based on the severity of current data or indicating trend
  • Engage all caregiver & support networks with the data, reports, & alerts
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