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Direct to Watch CGM connectivity, WHERE ARE YOU?

Hello All!

Brooke here, T1D living in Austin Texas with a passion for connecting with people. You can find me supporting JDRF with their Ride to Cure, as an active member of the Austin Type 1 Meetup and trying to show off my Dexcom in public.

Since joining Better Living Technologies, founder Mike and I have been trying to optimize every conversation we have with customers. We are always asking them three main questions:

  1. What piece of diabetes technology do you value the most?
  2. What would make the biggest impact on your diabetes healthcare?
  3. What is one thing that you feel confident within your diabetes care?

Navigating through the minds of as many people struggling with this disease as possible is our current goal and a common question has surfaced:

“When will we be able to use a smart watch as the primary receiver for the CGM?”

It is a struggle for parents sending children to pre-school and elementary school with smartphones. Not only are these expensive and easily destructible for children, it challenges the idea of connectivity to the internet, online content and social media by allowing their child to have a smartphone.

We decided to pose this question to the leaders of the industry that we are in contact with to see if they could give us some insight:

Q: What do you see as the most significant barriers that prevent a CGM to use a smartwatch as the receiver, eliminating the need for the phone?

A: Regulation is the largest barrier now. The back-end technology is available and developed to make this jump, but it is all about taking a little bit of time and the right channels. There is a lot of work involved with working with the FDA and getting new features and devices approved. CGM’s are the primary alerts for your CGM data. These alerts, connectivity, and reliability have to be impeccable because this is when the lives of children and other Type 1’s are at risk.

Q: How quickly, if ever, do you anticipate these barriers will be overcome?

A: It is predicted that by the end of next year this will be a feature of Dexcom. This feature has been in the minds of the developers for a while, but it has been unable to be the priority because of the foundation that we needed to develop first. This process can be slow, but it is moving in the right direction. With other companies such as One Drop going direct-to-watch this should help pressure other companies to keep up.

It is so hard to be patient in these times. We need to keep the fire alive to drive innovation and keep pushing companies and markets balanced by reminding ourselves that being safe and healthy is the number one priority. T1D is complicated. But we won’t stop connecting, supporting and trying to lessen the burden that stress and anxiety have on the lives of T1D’s and their loved ones.

Stay Happy and Healthy,