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17 Years Later!

Greetings ALL,

Raquel here and ready to dive into a bit of a reflection on what January has brought me, my dia-versary!

Just like that, I have lived with type one diabetes for 17 years! Time is flying, but I also haven’t really ever known life differently. When reflecting on the last 17 years, it is insane to me how much technology has improved, and how my outlook on type one has completely changed. I am going to keep this one short and sweet, and will be into each one of these more in future blog posts…but here are 10 things I have learned over the past 17 years!

  1.     Diabetes is an “in the moment” disease. Expect nothing, and be ready for anything! Being able to roll with the punches and avoid the blame game is huge.
  2.     The fear of insulin is what holds most of us back from achieving results we want.
  3.     The “rule of 15” is often a lie. This is the rule to correct low blood sugar with 15 grams of carbohydrates. We need to talk more about this.
  4.     We have to be our own doctors sometimes. No one will EVER know your personal reality without living through your day to day
  5.     Community is everything
  6.     Diabetics are one of a kind! The best kind 😉
  7.     If your number is going up, you probably need more insulin! Now! And vice versa… (yes it can be that simple)
  8.     It is so important to be kind to yourself! No one. I repeat, NO ONE has perfect blood sugars all the time (even people without t1d!)
  9.   193859389210 things affect your blood sugar. Can I stop counting yet?
  10.  I really am thankful for type one…it sucks, but it has taught me a lot! I am who I am because of it

Sending my best to all of you this week